German Shepherd dog was left tied up on a telegraph post near a railway track in Hartlepool

At 10.07am this morning police received a call from Hartlepool Borough Council regarding what was described as an aggressive German Shepherd which had been left tied to a telegraph pole.

Despite hours of Cleveland Police working together with partner agencies including the RSPCA, a re-homing charity and consultation with numerous veterinary professionals in order to calm the dog, the difficult decision was made to destroy it.No automatic alt text available.

The dog became increasingly aggressive as time went on. Attempts were made to find the owner, however, they were unsuccessful.

A Cleveland Police spokesperson said: “The decision to destroy the dog has not been taken lightly and this was the very last course of action that we wanted to take.

“All attempts to calm the dog failed. Vets advised that they were unable to sedate the dog due to not being able to approach it and not having equipment to sedate from a distance. Unfortunately, veterinary professionals advised that the dog could not be re-homed due to its aggressive behaviour.

“The decision taken, in conjunction with the RSPCA and veterinary professionals, was that the kindest thing to do for the dog would be to destroy it. This has been a difficult decision and one that we had hoped we wouldn’t have to make.”

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